The impact the Satilla River
has on our community

One of the reasons we enjoy paddling is because we get to be closer to nature, that’s one reason why in Georgia, approximately 1 million paddlers participate in the sport.

Join Us

Become a volunteer or partnership organization! We need volunteers to help with events, social media, and other ongoing projects. We also welcome your organization to join our current partnerships to assist in the growth and development of the Satilla River Water Trail for now and for years to come.

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What can I do to help?

  • Encourage the adoption of local resolutions which show support for the Satilla River Water Trail
  • Share your photos of Satilla River wildlife and fun paddling experiences with us!
  • Join the Satilla River Water Trail team!
  • Conduct a river cleanup
  • Alert us of hazards or access issues along the river
  • Promote the Satilla River Water Trail to friends, family and visitors too!
  • Become a sponsor of a Satilla River Water Trail informational sign along the Satilla River.
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Georgia River Network’s Water Trails Clearinghouse has information about all established and developing water trails in Georgia, including the Okefenokee Canoe Trail, the SE Coast Saltwater Paddling Trail and the Ocmulgee River Blueway
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Satilla River Water Trail (phase 1)